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Tai Chi and the Five Integrities - Cheng Man Ching

by Kenneth van Sickle

The body uses several energies, pneumatic (breath), hydraulic (circulatory), mechanical (muscle & bone), and electromagnetic (nervous system).
Tai Chi, uses these energies in dynamic and subtle ways..
Tai Chi is energy management. Energy needs a channel, if the channel is blocked, the energy will not flow.
The beginning Tai Chi student runs into tensions that stop energy flow, the master watches them do the form and notices these tensions, points them out to the student and suggests ways to slowly get rid of them.
The first priority of the form is to relax, to get rid of tension.
First the gross energy blocks are handled , shoulder tension blocks energy to the arms, hip tension blocks energy to the knee, knee tension to the feet, stomach tension shallows the breath, these and other energy blocks short circuit the system, like an electrical short, or a kink in a hose.
Once a block goes away the energy flows through until it hits the nest one to be worked on.
When all blocks are gone the energy (“Chi” in Chinese) flow freely through the body and then can be managed to produce extra normal energy, to heal or to use as self-defense.
As the student progresses in the form, many things are being addressed simultaneously, alignment, centering, rooting, sensitivity,internal massage and martial awareness all come after the relaxation process has started, they are dependent on relaxation.
The body is gradually ease, pushed by the consideration and will of the student, to align, to find it’s natural position again, to become a functional piece of architecture.

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