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Cheng Man Ching Push Hands Instruction.

Prof. Cheng Man Ch'ing was undoubtedly one of the most famous Tai Chi Chuan Grand Master of the nineteenth century. He was a great human and cultural personality, man gifted with exceptional talent and versatility, Cheng Man Ch'ing was able to reach the highest tops in five different matters: painting, poetry, traditional medicine, handwriting and Tai Chi Chuan. Form here on his nickname “Master of the five Excellences” that followed him all his life long. Prof. Cheng was chronologically the last of the inside the door students of the great Yang Cheng Fu. He also was at the same time a well-known doctor herbalist, deep expert of the secrets of the internal energy (Ch'i). From these important experiences was born, at the end of the Thirties, the work that made him famous in Tai Chi Chuan: the work of simplification of the 108 Form of the Yang style. This new reduced sequence is called 37 Form and appears as a clean, flowing, reduced and essential Form, conceived to make the trainee tune with the purest essence of Tai Chi Chuan and to put him in condition to understand easier and quicker the fundamental principles of this internal martial art. 37 Form, which is among Tai Chi Chuan’s Form, the one that better underline the principle of relaxation, reveals to be an effective exercise to cultivate the energy and internal strength, that allows to obtain mind peace and spirit elevation. Therefore it fits everybody who, even with short free time, wishes, without prevaricating, to go into the heart of this marvellous martial art. Prof. Cheng Man Ch'ing, during his teaching, had many students, some of them are today highly esteemed world famous Masters.
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