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DR.YU YONG NIAN A LIFE OF WISDOM (died October 2th with 93 years old)

Yu Yong Nian was born in 1920 he studied western medicine and around 1944 after  long years of hard study that had turn his body very weak, he started training internal martial arts with the famous Yiquan Master Wang Xiang Zhai.
 He explains :"in the very beggining it was not easy for me …I had too many doubts. One side the famous master didn't really looked like a Wushu Practitioner ;he looked more like someone who studies a lot .Normally the Wushu practitioner look healthy and they are full of muscles ..."
 "The second big doubt was about the Zhang zhuang practice…I mean will you believe that your physical condition ,your strenght can be improved by being there standing for hours?no,  of course not"
 "...And when it comes to the healing aspects of this posture this was the hardest one. After some time with the Liberation  we use to train in Tai Miao close to Tiananmen ,we had so many sick coming to the park looking for Wang. It was stunning how in some weeks these people had came pulled by others on a wheel chair and they could now start to walk by themselves. Soon I started to use this method to treat cronic disease back in hospital and we created a new department : The exercise department on the Phisiotherapy department..."
 On a conference in Beijing and in another in Shanghai we reported about our research on Zhang Zhuang Theraphy and it was very succesfull .Many hospitals and Sanatoriums  created the exercise room on the Phisiotherapy department. On  that time people start to call it Qigong…I guess the name is more Fancy that the Zhang Zhuang.
 Qigong became famous  in China and even internationally and then they appear some other Qigong different from the original Zhang Zhuang .These ones promised much more ,even miracles ,and they surround them selves with misticism .They could send Qi to a long distance and change the composition of water .These fake qigong ,had  a quick success and a quick decline.
Today Zhang zhuang practice is not use anymore in hospitals.
 The old master remind us that today there is no need to blindly believe all those ancient superstitions we have very usefull tools to measure and observe the internal world.The idea of internal development we have inherit fron ancient times can now be  proven by modern science.
This old master still teaches Zhang Zhuang under the guidance of Laozi ´s Tao Te Jing in Biomecanichal terms. (              

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