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1. Tai chi gives you energy: Tai chi is related to the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine which state that Qi, the flow of energy that sustains living beings, moves through the body along meridians, or pathways. When these pathways are blocked, illness and lethargy ensues. The movements of tai chi are designed to prevent or relieve blockages and allow Qi to flow freely through the body, leaving the practitioner feeling energised, alert and focussed.
2. It calms the mind: The slow movements associated with tai chi are a carefully formulated set of postures designed to strengthen the body and focus the mind. Aided by deep breathing techniques, they allow the practitioner to focus on achieving a meditative state, reducing mental and physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.
3. Regular practice helps reduce blood pressure: As both an aerobic exercise and a meditative technique, Tai chi can lower blood pressure.
4. And can relieve headaches, backaches and even insomnia: By stimulating the movement of Qi around the body, tai chi can reduce and remove energy blockages which cause aches, pains and other maladies.
5. The postures strengthen your arms and legs: Despite the focus on slow, deliberate movements, tai chi is an effective physical exercise – after all, it was initially designed as a martial art. Movements flow into one another, keeping the body in continuous motion and resulting in a strong core, arms and legs.
6. The physical practice can also unlock joints, preventing ailments such as arthritis: The low impact postures of tai chi are gentle on the joints but still increase mobility and range of motion in ankles, hips and knees.
7. Tai chi can reduce the risk of falls and injuries: As it improves strength, range of motion and spatial orientation, tai chi reduces the risk of falls or other injuries associated with frailty and loss of balance.
8. Tai chi improves the respiratory and cardiovascular systems: Although the heart rate decreases during tai chi, blood flow is increased, strengthening the cardiovascular system. In addition, the deep breathing techniques build up lung capacity, increase the amount of oxygen inhaled into the body and expel more waste gases and stale energy.
So, if you are looking for a holistic remedy to lethargy, stress or physical ailments, then you might just have found your answer…
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